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Can I Build Address Lookup Tool

If you want to build an ADU that would add square footage to your property, use our address lookup tool and talk to local Planning staff about what you’re eligible to build. This tool will help you understand what type and size ADU you’re allowed to build on your property.  

REMEMBER: According to state law, rules about setbacks, lot coverage, and open space requirements cannot restrict you from building an 800 square foot ADU, as long as the ADU has setbacks of at least 4 feet and is not above 16 feet tall. Front setbacks also cannot restrict you from building an 800 square foot ADU, which means an ADU can be in a front yard – but only if rear or side placement isn’t possible. In most cases, if you live in a legally built single family home and meet fire codes, you can convert any existing structure into an ADU.

Looking for costs?

Check out our ADU Calculators to estimate the cost of your project – play with size, type, rents, and other variables.


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