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County ADU Guidebooks

Your comprehensive, County-specific guide to planning, designing, permitting, building, and renting your new ADU. Choose your county below to access your Guidebook and materials.

Each county has a full-color digital guidebook including fillable exercise worksheets, a print-friendly version for home printing, and the exercises as a separate PDF.

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Amador County ADU Guidebook

Your go-to guide for every step of the ADU process in Amador County.

This free resource is a step-by-step guide to building an ADU in Amador County along with helpful tips about finding design inspiration, financing, hiring professionals, monitoring construction, and more!

Exercises only

Just the worksheets as a fillable PDF (these are also in the full Guidebook). 

print the guidebook at home

A print-friendly PDF – most images removed, minimal ink usage, full margin. 

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Some of our resources are still in progress – check back frequently to see new features!

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