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I raised my children in El Portal where I worked as a teacher, before moving to Mariposa where I still teach, and lead the Yosemite Songwriting Retreat. I bought a house that had space for an ADU and I wanted my mother to move here so I could take care of her as she aged. My Mom and I were very close and I wanted this space to be special for her. We decided to get a prefabricated unit, an ADU that just needed to be delivered and installed. We went to the factory to see the house before we bought it. The prefab company measured the property to make sure there was enough space. Once the location was approved, the ADU was transported and installed. We were lucky to find a ready-made option that came with everything including appliances, furniture, and decor.

There were still a lot of things to set up like water, sewer, electricity and internet. There was an old shed on the ADU site, so we had to remove that, take out trees, build a retaining wall, and add a driveway. I had no building experience at the time, so I got a lot of help from the Mariposa Planning Department. Without professional help, the process felt overwhelming at times. There were several different agencies with whom I had to work. It took a lot of time, but it was worth it to build a comfortable home for my mom. It was something special we got to share and make our own. We even wrote our initials in the driveway pavement.

After my mother passed away, the ADU became a flexible rental space. During the pandemic my daughter lived there. Now I use it as a rental. Local nurses and National Park employees have lived there. At the moment I’m renting it to a family friend who works in the local music industry. If she moves out, I won’t have any trouble finding a new tenant. There’s a great need for rental housing in Mariposa. I’m grateful for the ADU. It’s been a safe home for so many people who are important to me. It’s given stability to my family and friends.

"I’m grateful for the ADU, it's been a safe home for so many people who are important to me, from my mother to my daughter, it’s given stability to my whole family."


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